Poll Dancing 2/7

The polls are out for the week and our Boilers slid to 14 in the AP and 12 in the coaches poll.

I have no idea where Purdue belongs and neither do any of the voters, really. And while I'm inclined to say I don't care, as Boilerdowd has pointed out, we should care because it does have an impact on seeding... sometimes.

Does anyone doubt that Duke will wind up a #1 seed, despite not being that dominant and thus far not having a quality road win? Does anyone doubt that if MSU goes on a weird run and gets to 20 wins that they'll make it in? Of course not. K and Izzo are beloved by the NCAA and they'll be in. Add to that the darlings from BYU and toothless San Diego State, and we're heading towards a weird March. Part of me hopes that SDSU finds a way to get a 1-seed so we can see the first 16 over a 1 in history.

One thing we do know? Purdue will be underseeded and playing in the Pacific Northwest against a mid-major everyone decides is the best low-seed pick of the tourney.

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