Before you say's Purdue related

This time of year helps keep my home in good shape. Right now, in fact, I'm stripping wallpaper off of my kitchen walls- a job that was long over-due. That said, I still have time to listen to NBA games in the background while updating the house.

Here's what I learned last night: NBA officials love the Celtics.

As if you had any doubt.

The did the right thing and made a foul call when the unlikeable, over-rated Rajon Rondo landed a full-swing smack on Brad Miller across the face while "attempting" to defend Miller. Problem was he was no where near the ball and was making no play on the ball.

I looked up the NBA's flagrant foul rule, and it's written so vaguely that it's completely subjective...and the officials can look the other way in occurrences like this and be unjust in the process. This is yet another case where college basketball has it right; but you already know my thoughts on the NBA.

But regardless of the verbiage of the rule, the crappy, crooked NBA officials had a chance to make the right call, and even with minutes to make their decision (due to Miller receiving medical treatment) they did not do it.

The C's move up to 3-2 in what has been a very good series.

I really don't care who wins, but I know Rajon Rondo and Joakim Noah are both in the same category in my mind...and would like neither to get a chance at an NBA championship this season. Sadly, one has to advance a step closer to that goal.

Treat her right, foo.

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