BS Reader Poll -- Game 10

After the first two weekends of November, we’re going to be downright sick of the state of Michigan. November 8 marks the second straight week against a Michigan-based opponent and the third of the first ten games. Enough already. We love you all the same.

Michigan State has been our pick here at BS to be the “surprise” team of the 2008 season, so this could be a tough one, especially since it’s on the road. Time is still TBA, but let’s hope it’s a day game and not one of those raucous night games at MSU in the cold rain in front of 80,000 nutcase (drunk) Spartys. It’s probably safe to expect an earlier start, though, unless both MSU and Purdue have been so good ESPN/ABC can’t ignore us. What do you think? Vote it up.

Game 10
November 8, 2008
Purdue at Michigan State
OTT Preview

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