Conference Expansion SCOOP

With all of the big-time football conferences jockeying for position, it's been hard to keep up with what's happening and what's really going to happen. However, Boiled Sports is here for you, as always, as we have the scoop on the happenings with all major conferences whose logos are above.

In a surprise move, the I-AA conferences have gotten involved.

"We really feel that a playoff is in the best interests of college football," said Jim Delany today, "and since the BCS kind of hog-ties us, we're going to request several of our teams move to I-AA conferences."

"Hog-tied!! Now yar speekin' mah language, Jimmy!!" exclaimed Mike Silve, SEC commissioner.

"Hey, don't forget us! We're really important to college football," chimed in Pac 10 commish Larry Scott. "We have a team people pay attention to!"

"Yeah, USC. Which is about to go on probation and, let's face it, has an overgrown frat boy as a coach," countered Dan Beebe, Big 12 commissioner. "Nobody cares about the Pac 10."

"Oh yeah?" responded Scott. "Well, I give you until FRIDAY, JUNE 11 to take that back!!"

"Or else what?" asked Beebe.

"Uhhhh...." *gurgling noises*

[end transcript]


What BS has learned is the following.

Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue and Iowa will join the MEAC, creating new and exciting rivalries with teams like Bethune-Cookman and Delaware State. An added bonus is that Ohio State and Michigan will feel right at home since these are their typical non-conference foes under their current situation.

Illinois, MSU, Minn, and Penn State will join with the SEC West in merging with the Ohio Valley conference. An advantage here is that Tennessee will have three new conference rivals in Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech and Tennessee-Martin -- three schools with admittedly more impressive academics but they've agreed to let Tennessee join.

The SEC West will fold into the Patriot League, so that Florida can still feel big and strong by beating up on defenseless foes like they currently do every September. Bucknell, Colgate and Fordham sound like they'll do the trick. As a concession to Georgia, they'll never have to go on the road since we all know they refuse to travel more than 200 miles from their campus.

The Pac 10 will merge with the WAC since nobody cares about -- or watches -- either conference.

The Big 12 will merge with the Southland conference. Perfect! Texas will have a new rival in Texas State to pad their record against.

[Ed Note: None of this is true. Or maybe it is. Nobody knows at this point. But Jim Delany wants 18 months to think things over so will EVERYBODY PLEASE JUST SLOW DOWN??]

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