Early B10 Football Predictions to File Away

It's always fun to look back at preseason predictions and see how silly (or accurate, if you're us) they look. Of course, when predictions are made prior to the start of summer, it's really kind of odd.... there is so much to be determined for each team before Labor Day weekend, and most teams have 90-ish days to go before they launch their 2010 seasons.

Nonetheless, several reputable college football outlets have their Big Ten predicted order of finish out for all to see.

For those who like seeing this sort of thing in a more readable fashion, SpartyMSU puts it into handy-dandy chart form. (Also of note: this is the first time reading SpartyMSU is less likely to give you a headache than an alternative.)

Chart courtesy of SpartyMSU

I find it interesting to note that Michigan is expected to finish significantly ahead of Purdue by all of these (Athlon, Kickoff College Football Preview, Phil Steele and Lindy's) except for the Sporting News, who has Purdue finishing fifth in the conference (everyone else has them at 8th or 9th).

As I said, file that away, boys, file that away.

When will the first domino fall?

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