Fools Gold

An email from a reader the other day alerted us to the fact that Purdue is calling for "gold strike" at Ross-Ade for the 10/17 bludgeoning game against Ohio State, and sure enough, now there's a story about it on the Purdue Athletic site.

The reader email asked us if we thought they might bust out the gold jerseys for such an occasion. Our answer is... hopefully not.

Those things were a disaster and the team never looked comfortable in them. After the first home game of the '03 season -- in which they had changed to the gold with black numerals (pictured) instead of gold with white numerals -- the team went back to black and has stayed with them ever since. And then they overdid it with back-to-back "blackouts" the past two weekends, most likely because it was asking too much to have the stadium crew change the end zone lettering back to gold.

Give how this season has gone, though, why not expect another weird decision?

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