Hope In, Legg Out

Not much surprise, but Bill Legg will be leaving the Tiller/Hope staff for next season (and will be moved into an "administrative role" elsewhere in Purdue). Purdue already had Legg/Z as co-offensive coordinators, Z also coached QBs, Legg coached the O-Line. Hope was an O-Line coach before being a head coach or coordinator, so the move makes logical sense...plus, I was ready for Legg to be gone since he called some pretty bad games last season.

I think we'll see a few coaching moves next season as Tiller rides off to Wyoming...Most likely, Spack will finally find a head coaching position elsewhere...Just a guess though.

It's now officially official, Danny Hope will take over for Tiller after he retires at the end of the '08-'09 season.

Big Win Baby Boilers! (& other notes)

Hope announcement to be made official in an hour