Big Win Baby Boilers! (& other notes)

I'm not quite ready to drop the "Baby Boilers" nickname just yet, but this game gets me closer to just calling this group the Boilers...In typical Big Ten fashion, the Purdue v. tOSU game was a back and fourth contest and Purdue kept fighting and earned a very big win. I was a bit upset with the poor free throw shooting down the stretch, but in the last :25, enough was done to clinch the victory.

I've been requesting, no begging, someone on this team to step up offensively...I honestly wouldn't have guessed, if you gave me three guesses, that Marcus Green would be that guy. Granted, it was just one game, but 22 points is pretty solid, especially against a team with as much athletic ability as Ohio State. I'm fine with a revolving game-high scorer...but I'm pretty sure that if Purdue doesn't have a player who scores 20 points, it's going to be awfully difficult to win.

I'm really impressed with this victory and predicted this one to be a loss a few weeks ago. I love being wrong, especially if it means my Boilers are winning. I think I read that this is Purdue's first win versus tOSU in seven years, and of course is Painter's first win against the Bucks...Congrats Coach Painter.

If Purdue can win three in a row during the remaining season or beat a ranked team on the road, I'll drop the "baby" from Baby Boilers.

Get 'em Hawkeyes!
Iowa did IU a huge favor tonight as they somehow beat Michigan State in Iowa City. That to me isn't the biggest story of this game...In a St. Louis-esque performance the mighty no. 6 Spartans scored 36 stinking points. Huh? That's embarrassing. I didn't see the game, but have heard that Iowa had only 10 fouls...that seems pretty ridiculous, but you're going to lose if you score less than 50 points, let alone 40.

Keady always said it, it's not who you play, but when you play them. Is this a good thing that Purdue plays the Hawkeyes after such a win? I think so. Hopefully, Purdue plays a complacent Hawk squad next week in Iowa.

Nearly Perfect
The Patriots played like a team that is pretty good v. the Jags...In fact, they played so well that the game seemed boring to me. I usually don't find playoff football boring, but the Patriots simply controlled the Jags. And Brady looked amazing...26 of 28; he might have a future in this game. Still hate 'em, but that was impressive.

Hopefully the Colts can take care of business tomorrow and set up the inevitable in Foxboro next week.

So long, dome, Dungy.

Hope In, Legg Out