Mmmmm...Turnovers. A wrap-up of Purdue's Sixth Loss.

Sean and Denard Robinson (not related) both had 2 interceptions...and both of their teams had an additional 3 fumbles lost. Atop that, the weather was looked bad on TV, I'm told...but it felt worse. Nearly three quarters of the game, there was a driving rain from the South...and it was chilly and windy. But, before you misunderstand, let me clarify, the game was uglier than the weather...and many of the turnovers were flat-out just bad football and can't be blamed on wind or rain.

Purdue's quarterbacks (both Robinson and Henry) simply didn't look like they knew the play that was called on multiple occasions. Plus, Justin Siller had the honor of being Purdue's fourth QB to start this season...and to add injury to injury, he most-likely had his season ended after the first offensive play of the game.

But, as bad as the offense looked, the defense may have been that good. Ricardo Allen displayed shades of Deion Sanders as he ran an interception back 94 yards for a touchdown. And speaking of 94, Ryan Kerrigan was a man possessed. He forced two fumbles, had 10 tackles and, shockingly was held every fricking play. In fact, on one of his forced fumbles he was pretty much clothes-lined and still fought through it to rock Denard Robinson. Bruce Gaston and KK Short both clogged the middle very effectively and Will Lucas was all over the field in the second half.
Thanks to our pal Margie, we had great seats for this afternoon's game. As a result, we got some exclusive video of the game. Enjoy.

Here are some quick observations from the day:
-Before it even started, DeVarro Greaves tried to drum up some angst from the Wolverines by chirping at the Michigan players as they warmed up. Michigan didn't react a whole bunch...and Greaves didn't have a ton of support from the team.

-Rich Rodriguez seemingly lectured and berated Robinson after every possession...after each brow beating, Tate Forcier would warm up by either riding a stationary bike or throwing the ball distances that varied between 5 and 7 feet from his receiver (slight exaggeration)...but for a half, it was all smoke and talk as he didn't play until Rich Rod was really upset, I guess. Being close to the UM bench gave me the opportunity to tell Tate how much I enjoy his website. Best site ever?

-J, Margie and I had a burger at AJ's Burger and Beef after the game...had never heard of it before today, but the garlic cheese burger & pizza puff were probably two of my favorite parts of the day. Give them a try if you haven't been.

So, what's the bright side of today's loss? Our Boilers lost by 11...not 63. And speaking of the Hoosiers- things are so bad for IU fans that on message boards and blog sites alike, many IU fans see beating Purdue as nearly impossible at this point. If I was the Hoosiers, I wouldn't want to face Kerrigan in his last home game either. Sadly, the offense will have to take the field at some point.

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