Monday Morning Gumbo

Mr. Handsome and his team squeaked by to improve to 9-0. Much like the Colts, the Saints aren't really in much of an offensive rhythm just past the midway point of the season. But, like the Colts, you know it won't take much for them to get back into one.

This is what they do right

Once or twice a year, EsPN flexes its programming muscle and strong arms a bunch of little schools into playing at weird times of the late night/early morning. Tonight, tomorrow morning is that day for '09. The games start at Midnight tonight and end at around 11:45 tomorrow night. Sure, it's not a full 24 hours of basketball, but it's pretty awesome. Kansas, UCLA, Michigan and Clemson are all involved (in relatively-normal schedule games)...but why would Clemson agree to go TO Liberty to play??? Horrible scheduling.

So we in the Midwest get to experience what our friends on the West Coast and even our pal Gregg, in Germany get to do so often- watch sporting events at extremely-odd times of the day. Enjoy your Corn Flakes and Monmouth as you get ready for work, tomorrow.

Big Play Ray
If you haven't yet seen it, try to catch the Vikings highlight of Ray Edwards' sack. Sure, it was an illegal hit, but it was pretty-awesome. I'm not going to give too much away other than saying think Lavar Arrington.

My brother-in-law spent some time Down Under last year and he told me everyone adds "ee" to the end of things in Australia. So, I thought it fitting to name this blurb likewise above.

Tiger Woods was asked to play in the Australian Masters, and he obliged just because he's a really nice guy. OK, maybe not...maybe a $3 million appearance prize got it done, but it's still worth talking about. Woods also walked away with around $200,000 for winning the tournament.

How do you think it makes the other players feel- Woods makes more than the combined field, just for appearing...and of course, wins the tourney too.

If you decided to go to sleep when the Pats were up 31-14 in the fourth, you chose poorly.
I know, I know, Belichick is a genius...But it's not hard to understand where another genius got off the tracks, is it?

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