Can't You Hug A Mascot in America?

Danny Hope thought we were living in America, but apparently not. Because when Ralph Bolden hugged Purdue Pete, Purdue -- and America! -- got slapped in the face with a 15 yard penalty.

Hope's quote is great:

"They said it was excessive celebration,” coach Danny Hope said before practice Sunday. “I tried to keep my cool. I thought this was America. I don’t get it. There wasn’t anything too graphic or out of line. I’ll have to look it up in the rulebook because that caught me off guard. I said, ‘What did that do that for?’ and they told me he was hugging Purdue Pete. I thought, ‘You got to be kidding me. This is America.’ Who knows? Nothing surprises me anymore. It seems like a bit much. It’s not like there was groping or anything. It’s unbelievable."

Indeed, coach. What did that do that for? Wait, what?

Anyway, as mentioned, Purdue AND America have been penalized 15 yards and as a result, Canada will now begin 15 yards into Wisconsin Minnesota. Sorry, cheeseheads blonde fat people.

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