Stay Safe!

My pal J is in the Midwest on business...and yesterday, on his way out of town, he rescheduled his flight in an effort to actually get back East this week.  Later last night flights are started getting canceled for Monday and Tuesday and J was safely scheduled for Wednesday, so he should be alright.

His family is back in NJ, out of the way of the really nasty stuff, it sounds like. But the next 12 hours look like they could be harrowing for many, and it's already bad in Manhattan and other areas along the coast.  One of my business partners in Connecticut just lost his power about a half hour ago...and parts of Massachusetts are now without power.

I don't have any reason for this post other than to tell everybody in the Northeast that many of us back in the Midwest are thinking about you and praying for you guys.  Stay dry, stay warm and be safe!!

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Everybody feel better?