Well, THAT Was An Abomination

I was going to make the headline something like "BS Podcast = IU Football."

Let me apologize to anyone who actually stayed up to listen to us live last night. That was a train wreck. And it's all technology's fault. Maybe Joe Paterno isn't so detached after all. The best part was getting a text from Boilerdowd after he was listening to it that said "pretty funny hearing you languishing." Yes. Hilarious.

So, sorry about that. Somehow we managed to go from those earlier podcasts -- which I was really happy with and thought went well -- and took a step back. We improved, or so we thought, the technology we were using. And when it was time to loop in Boilerdowd, I clicked the button and it said he was on air.... and he was not. And then there was a phone ringing somewhere. It was awesome. And basically that's where my technological abilities end -- if there's a button I'm supposed to push and I push it and it doesn't work, well.... that's about it.

Yes, we know I sound like I'm down the hallway and 'dowd is swallowing the mic. We're working on that. It's a shoestring budget, people! Seriously, though, we're investing in real headsets, real microphones, etc. Give us one (or two) more chances and we promise you'll enjoy it. Guests, insight, wit! You'll get it all here. Well, one out of those three, anyway.

Boiled Sports Podcast for August 27, 2009

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