Danny Hope Is No Nonsense And We Like That

Because he's Adam Rittenberg and we're us, Adam has an interview up right now with Danny Hope.

What I love about it is that Hope just sounds like he doesn't want speculative questions -- things are what they are, dammit, and we're going to go with it.

A couple of samples:

Outside the program, there's a lot of curiosity, not knowing exactly what to expect from this team. Do you understand that? Is it just part of the deal with all the new things?

Danny Hope:
I'm indifferent to it. It doesn't have anything to do with what we're doing getting ready to play. I'm indifferent about the perception on the outside, the preseason rankings, the expectations, any of that. We know where we're at as a football team. We're a very close football team, and we communicate on a regular basis. We know what our expectation levels are for the season. We're focused on us and not necessarily what's on the peripheral.

Is there any curiosity on your part? Now Joey [Elliott] will be in a major role. Now Keith [Smith] may be the No. 1 wide receiver, or another guy might be in a bigger role than he's ever been before. Are you interested to see how they'll react?

We don't have a choice on how to react to that. We're going to get ready to play and we're going to play well with the players we have. We have a lot of confidence in them. It's the same thing every year. There's always new guys coming onto the scene. I don't care where you're at. We have a few more than others, but it's no different. It's business as usual, in reality.

Well, alrighty then.

Coach Hope also mentioned Frank Hallburton multiple times and how Frank is really progressing. This is great to hear as we at BS have long been fans of Frank the Tank.


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