Your New Purdue Starting Five

Matt Painter has decided to indeed shake up the lineup, and feels thusly:

Asked if changes were coming to the starting lineup, Painter said, “I’d like to start E’Twaun Moore, E’Twaun Moore, Robbie Hummel, Robbie Hummel and Robbie Hummel. No one else deserves to start, but with that being said, E’Twaun Moore needs to get some rebounds."

So don't get too big for your britches there, Smooge! You need to get some rebounds! Presumably, twice as many as usual since there will be two of you starting now...

Expect the new-look Boilermakers at Illinois on Tuesday night at 9 PM, Eastern.

Purdue University -- leading the way in astronauts, engineering, mustachioed football coaches and, evidently, cloning basketball players.

Who was that masked man??

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