Another IU Video To Be Proud Of

Holy....uh... is this what I think it is? A remix version of the IU fight song? Why? Why would you think it's okay to do this to your alma mater? I'm surprised this wasn't sent to us by someone along the way (was put on YouTube in September)...and if it was, my apologies for missing it.

So anyway, it's yet another truly pathetic video, this one featuring a couple of white Usher wannabes singing (if you can call it that) the IU fight song. And then, of course, there's the obligatory shot at Purdue girls... while celebrating how easy IU girls are. Oh, but it's not just a shot at Purdue girls... at 1:57 they state that "Purdue girls all got d-cks."

Okay then.

You know, we say slightly off-color things sometimes, but if you're an IU fan or alum and this video doesn't absolutely disgust and embarrass you, then you're just as classless and ignorant as the losers who made this video. I also think if someone made a video trumpeting how awesome Purdue is (and filmed on Purdue's campus) and in the middle of it made a comment that crass, I'm pretty sure Purdue would ask them to cease and desist. You know why? Because no Boilermaker wants to be associated with being a low-class, piece of trash. 

My co-editor here is married to a Purdue girl. I dare you to say this to his face.

But be proud, IUers! These guys are representing the school you went to! Or, for most of you, the school you cheer for but never attended a class at.


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