BS Reader Athlete Stories: The Baby Boilers Go to McDonald's (CMigrator copy 1)

You may recall a long time ago, I asked you to send in stories regarding Purdue athletes. Then that feature died on the vine because I'm lazy and also because my life interfered. However, we didn't forget about them and the best ones will run over the next couple weeks. Enjoy.

Today's story is from Ted.

It was the end of my Freshman year in 08 and I had opted to go to McDonalds (The Stadium location) at 3am as any good college student would that wasn't 21. This was just after the 2007/08 tournament run where we were unfortunate enough to meet up with Xavier in the second round and went home early, but still everyone had high hopes for the still appropriately named "Baby Boilers".

While I am eating some unholy creation from the Golden Arches, Three tall, guys walk through the door and it only takes a few seconds for all of the sober people and half the drunk ones to realize that E'twaun, Robbie, and Benedict Arnold Scott Martin had just entered the building. No one had anything to actually say to them other than praising their efforts, so no one really gave too much attention to what they were upto. Except for the 5'1" Hispanic lady behind the counter.

E'twaun had taken a water cup and started getting Powerade, like half the people there had done that night. She was either fed up or ignorant, because she went off on 33 in broken English. It went on for about 2 minutes before Robbie ended up giving her a hand full of change and hitting 3'twaun upside the head as they went back to their booth.

Dear Leader Giveth, Dear Leader Taketh Away.

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