Update on the Contest to Play In Our Group At the Brees Golf Event

Entries are actually continuing to come in (what else should I have expected from current and recent Purdue students other than procrastination on your assignment?) for the chance to join the BS foursome and today is indeed the deadline. And here's how I want to handle this.

We will cull the entries to the best three or four (or ten or 16 or whatever I feel like) and we'll post them here. We'll then ask you, the readers, to cast your vote in a poll on who should win the fourth spot in the foursome.

You, the readers, will count as a vote; I will count as a vote; and B-dowd will count as a vote.

If we have not determined a winner that way (that is, if we've all voted for someone different), the three finalists will battle one another in a test of skills much like the end of Billy Madison (or Gladiator, your pick). Only instead of academic trials, you'll be subjected to evaluations on boozing, cartwheels and pole-dancing.

The poll will only be up for a few days so that we can wrap this up by the middle of next week.

Stay tuned.

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