Big Week In South Bend (& other college football notes)

It was a big Saturday at the University of Notre Dame. Sure, the Irish hosted MSU...But much more important, Notre Dame's administration unveiled the new image on UND's library just blocks away from where the Irish used to play football (think about it, you'll get it).

The Big Manatee changed his offense's focus during the off-season. Not long ago, Brady Quinn led an offense that looked to score on every possession...this year, it's a bit different, and our Savior's image reflects the change in philosophy.

Coach Weis said, "Our offense doesn't have the tools to score all that score often...As a result, we've made it a goal to get a first down on each possession. We've decided to play toward our strengths...I'd say we're having a pretty good season." Irish fans and players alike really enjoyed seeing First Down Jesus as he's now nicknamed.

One fan remarked as he left the stadium, "Hey, the game's changed, the campus reflects that change. This new look really brightened my Saturday..." He continued, "I'm really stoked to see how IU's basketball team is this year. Until then, Go Irish!"


-Ball State nearly beat a highly-over rated Nebraska team in Lincoln on Saturday. Ball State still has zero wins versus BCS conference opponents (seriously).

-The University of Louisville followed up its crushing defeat at the hands of UK last week by taking a big dump on their own field versus a gritty Syracuse club. Yes, that Syracuse. Brian Brohm's Heisman hopes came back this week to see the game...but, they were quoted as they left, "I'm pretty sure I'm done and I don't think I'll be back ever again."

-Penn State helped the BCS by losing to UM. The loss at Michigan was Penn State's ninth-straight loss to the Wolverines. Wisconsin eeked out a victory versus Iowa at home. Ohio State crushed Northwestern on the road. So, It looks like tO$U is the class of the league, at this point.

-The Indianapolis Star's coverage of IU's "Road to New Orleans" prematurely ended in Bloomington Saturday. The Hoosiers' early season kind of looks similar to the last few, to the untrained eye (2005: 2-1, 2005: 3-1, 2006: 2-1, 2007: 3-1).

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