Boilers Crack Top 25

Alright, I was wrong. I thought it was possible that our Boilers wouldn't be ranked EVEN IF they beat UND this coming Saturday...Well, my favorite team got a bit of respect from coaches across the US by receiving enough votes to barely get them into the top-25. The AP has them just out as the 26th-best team in the poll.

What's this mean?

Nothing. I'm not tipping my cap until the old gold and black beat a respectable team. Until then, let's hope Purdue game plans like they're playing the UND of days of yore. Sic 'em Curtis!

Currently, UND ranks 114th, according to Sagarin & is a 22-point dog for their contest in God's Country in six days. Personally, I never like it when an opponent has nothing to lose versus my Boilers...That certainly seems to be the case for the Irish.

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