Gift Idea for the Purdue Fan On Your List

The fine folks as Asgard Press who produced the 2009 vintage Purdue calendar that's shown at left are at it again. Last year, they produced 2008 calendars and other coolio, old-school stuff that brings you back to the days of yesteryear... when the rivers were pure, Joe Paterno had only been coaching for two decades and Purdue football was... mediocre. Okay, well, some things haven't changed.

However, they off "calendars, stationary, postcard books and more." And Purdue is just one of the many schools available. By visiting their site via this link, you can browse through and purchase at a discount. Could dad use a calendar for his office? Could sis use stationary to write love notes to your best friend? Could be.

So take a look and be sure to use our link so that you not only get a discount, but, if enough people spend cash there, we get something like a .0000016% kickback. (Note: kickback percentage may not be accurate.) If we make at least $1 million off this deal, we'll be sure to distribute to our regular readers via the Boiled Sports Profit Sharing Program. (Note: Program doesn't exist.)

Alternatively, go ahead and click the fancy little animated gif below to link to Asgard Press, too. Shop, shop, shop, you little buckaroos.

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