ND Can Still Epically Fail Some More This Year

So it appears that Fat Charlie has gotten a reprieve (depending on how you look at it) and will be back to coach the Irish next season. It's, of course, funny to talk like that since the guy has another seven years on his existing contract. And I do still think there's the chance that he gets canned next week as UND has proven themsleves unscrupulous before and could very well be currently sniffing around discreetly for other candidates who won't a) turn them down (ahem, Urban!) or b) lie about their resume (ahem, George!).

Okay, though, assuming the Big Manatee is safe for another year, you might think it's time to put away the UND Haterade for the season because, really, what more can happen to them? Well, I have an answer for you.

Notre Dame currently -- eagerly -- awaits their bowl invite. And while we all wish nobody invites the mediocre 6-6 squad, you know somebody will. And Notre Dame will go and collect their paycheck.

One thing that's not often pointed out, though we try to do it as often as we can, is the fact that Notre Dame's last bowl victory came on January 1, 1994, when they eeked out a win over Texas A&M, 24-21. That was almost fifteen years ago, folks. I was in high school. Boilerdowd had hair. Tim was thin. I mean, it was a long time ago!

But that's not where they can set yet another mark in futility. No, we've heard loads about how this is the worst two-season stretch in UND history. But if UND loses their bowl game, they will drop to 6-7 on the season (after a 4-1 start, no less), which would be their second straight sub-.500 season. And do you know the last time that happened? 22 years ago, in '85 and '86, during the Gerry Faust to Lou Holtz transition.

Being able to compare any UND team to one from the Gerry Faust Era is fun, because Domers who remember Faust's teams almost vomit when you bring him up. Try it, it's fun! And a team run by such a schematic genius as Chuck Weis being compared to a Faust team, often considered the darkest period in UND history?

Well, that would just be a shravesty.

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