Old Ways Creep Back in; Boilers Lose 85-74

It's kinda simple- if you play 20 minutes of basketball in a 40 minute game, you're going to lose more than you win.  We saw that early in the season, and witnessed it again in Ass. Hall this evening.

Purdue spotted IU and 18 point lead...played awful defense, didn't sell out for loose balls and rebounded like dog excrement.  When the teams headed into the locker room at the break, the game was already over for all intents and purposes.

LewJack led everybody with 17/5...Hummel had 16/8...TJohn had 13/4.  Byrd shot horribly and still got to 12 points simply because he shot 14 times.

Ass. Hall is a tough place to win- IU is 18-1 there this year.  Purdue couldn't play one of their worst games in the last 7 or 8 and still expect to win...and by their body language, Matty's boys didn't.

Purdue was 41st in the RPI coming into the game; they'll probably stay around the same place.  In my opinion, it would take a catastrophe in the B1G tourney for them not to get into the dance.  Purdue will play Nebraska a little after 8:00 on Thursday in the first round of the tournament.  If they get by the 'Huskers, they'll play aOSU on Friday in the last game of the day.

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