Tourney Seeding Update

A three? Nah, coach. Not this year.

Our Boilers finished the season with a thud yesterday, but that doesn't completely diminish their strong showing down the stretch. The Boilers wound up with a 20-11 record overall, with a 10-8 conference mark that includes a 3-1 finish that saw Purdue play some of their best ball of the season.

So where do they stand in the eyes of those who (think they) know?

ESPN's Joe Lunardi has been brought out of the dungeon to be cursed at for a couple of weeks and currently has the Boilermakers as a 9-seed, playing St. Mary's in the first round before a potential date with the clean Cats of Kentucky.

SB Nation also has the Boilermakers as a 9-seed, but in the Midwest playing Memphis (and potentially Kansas).

CBS' (and Purdue's very own) Jerry Palm also has the Boilermakers in the Midwest 8/9 game but as the 8-seed and playing Ivy champ Harvard. That could be fun, since Purdue hasn't slapped around Tommy Amaker in a while.

Bracketville agrees that the Boilers belong mid-pack and has them as an 8-seed in the West playing West Virginia (and then UNC).


So what we're seeing here is that much like Boilerdowd in a speedo, the consensus is generally that we're looking at a solid 8 or a 9.

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