What was that?

I just got finished watching the Colts lose to San Diego and have a bunch of thoughts on the game...so here are a few of them:

>Peyton Manning knew it was going to be difficult to win with all of the injuries, so he decided to play mistake-free football this evening...6 INTERCEPTIONS! That is awesome stuff. I really do understand that he was passing to a few guys who had never played football before, but six??? Before tonight, his career high for INTs was 4.

>It's never good to allow a special teams touchdown...but it's great to allow two by the same guy!

>Do Colts players ever drink milk, eat Wheaties or take their vitamins? Not only were they depleted (they only had 47 dressed; 17 offensive players), but it got worse during the game @ SD...Freeney went down with a foot problem and two more offensive linemen were hurt.

>Cromartie's second or third pick was amazing...dude is a ball hawk...reminds me of so many Purdue DBs; I just can't think of one specifically right now.

>Session (I have no idea who the hell he is) had two pretty amazing interceptions. Pretty funny, dude looked like he was going to die after running 80 yards...he's not a lineman, he's a linebacker.

>Vinatieri went 0-for-2 on field goals for the evening. The first one was tough, 47-yarder and he and the rest of the ST unit had to sprint onto the field to get the kick off...The second though, would have won the game and was a 20-yard kick. I know it was a bit sloppy, but that was pretty lousy.

>NBC is as bad as ESPN with their pseudo-journalism. After the Chargers won, the clear players of the game were Cromartie (3 Int., 6 tackles) & Sproles (2 Special Teams TDs)...who'd they interview? Of course Merriman (3 tackles, 0 sacks, 0 Int) & Tomlinson (21 carries, 76 yards, 1 TD). Bushleague...at least give Sproles the mic; dude is 4'2".

I honestly think it was pretty amazing that the Colts were in this game at all with the beginning as atrocious as it was, but they had more than one chance to take the lead with under 2:00 in the game. So, they've now lost two games straight that were both winnable. Hopefully, they can get healthy and steal a few victories v. KC & Atlanta because important divisional games are on the horizon.

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