A Seriously BS Look At The Big Ten

You know, it's always interesting to me how many other sites ask us for our opinion on Purdue football going into a season and to give predictions and detail how we think the season is going to go. It's interesting because it's often the site of another team. And to that I say....really? Your readers give a rip about how a few Purdue grads think the Boilermaker football team is going to do?

I guess there are really hungry football fans out there who will scrounge nuggets on anything they can get in their mouth... (reminds me of B-Dowd, but I digress). I would assume you come to a team-specific site to read about....that team. But hey, I've been wrong before about so many things.

What we do each year is a quick, capsule look at the rest of the conference and give our best case, worst case and official prediction. Here's how we summed it up in the past:

A quick-hit, uninformed, uneducated, poorly-researched capsule preview of each Big Ten football team (you know, kind of like typical reporters). Why spend time bringing in guests who actually know something about these other schools when we can just make knee-jerk comments and predictions, with heavy bias based on our love of Boilermaker sports? Enjoy.
So that's what we'll do. Here we go. Alphabetically, by height.

Illinois -- Always a hard group to predict because they're never consistent in any way, good or bad. But their schedule is favorable to begin the year and Ron Zook is still insane. Not sure what that has to do with anything, but it has to be factored in. Best case: 9-3, after a 6-0 start. Worst case: 4-8. BS Prediction: 8-4.

Indiana -- We may not like Coach Wilson, but we're pretty sure he doesn't care. And we're also pretty sure he's a good coach and was a great hire for this previously dormant program. Can you draw a comparison between the dark days at Purdue, pre-1997 and pre-Tiller? Unfortunately, we think you can. They're not winning 9 games or anything, but they're on the upswing. Best case: 7-5. Worst case: 3-9. BS Prediction: 5-7, with the Northwestern game on 10/29 being the game their season hinges on.

Iowa -- Our most hated rival is looking forward to James Van Der Beek leading them down the field this  year. But you know, he doesn't want... your life. Best case: 9-3, and they get to move their University to a better state. Worst case: 4-8 and they have to stay in Eye-uh-wah. BS Prediction: 7-5.

Michigan -- Who knows? They have the talent, especially on offense. Just like under RichRod, though, it's whether the defense can do anything to help them out. Hoke will get things going in the right direction, but the return to glory waits at least another year. Best case: 7-5, and a 6-0 start. Worst case: 4-8, with another brutal second half. BS Prediction: 5-7.

Michigan State -- Little brother has grown up big and strong. Regular readers know I have a crush on Coach Dantonio and the way he does things. I just hope his team doesn't try to kill him again this year. Best case: 10-2. Worst case: 6-6. BS Prediction: 9-3.

Minnesota -- The nicest fans in the Big Ten, according to our scientific poll a few weeks ago will not have a lot to cheer about. It's rebuilding time in Minny. They made a decent hire in Jerry Kill, but we'll see if his MAC skills translate. Best case: 4-8. Worst case: 2-10. BS Prediction: 2-10.

Nebraska -- The newest member comes in on an upward trend and with a coach who really seems to be a 'bag. That's fine, though, because I don't think Purdue plays them until sometime next decade. Best case: 11-1. Worst case: 8-4. BS Prediction: 10-2.

Northwestern --

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