Is Kevin Ballinger the next Mark Titus?

No, he'll probably play.

For those of you won't don't know, care or remember, Mark Titus was an O$U walk on who took the world over with his wit and lovable oaf status while The Villain did his best to make sure people outside of Columbus had Ohio State on the top of their hit list. His blog, Club Trillion helped garner him attention for his antics and even ended up getting our attention over here.

Titus was drafted by the Globetrotters. Perfect.

Your Daughters, hide them.
Today my twitter ramblings brought me here: The super patriotic, super legit, blog of Kevin Ballinger. "Who the hell is Kevin Ballinger you say?" Why he's a senior walk on long snapper for Purdue. He has recorded no stats in 2 years so far, but now he has learned one thing over the years: Purdue football needs more mustaches.

Yesterday he went on a rant about how freaking awesome mustaches are. But to counter his, we're going to take a look at some of the greatest mustaches in Purdue history.

Joe Tiller

Purdue Football's winningest coach. The man needs no introduction around Purdue ranks.
Danny Hope

Our commander and chief. Love him or hate him, his energy and love of the players and fans is comforting. Much like his mustache.
James Smart

The man created the School of Pharmacy, Built Heavilon Hall, and was instrumental in starting the Big Ten Conference - to prevent the 'indecencies of college football'; don't forget OSU joined later.

This year, mustaches are in on Purdue's campus. Why? Because if Carson's going to kick a 70+ yard field goal, his support players better please the Purdue Football gods somehow.

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