Ross-Ade South End Zone Rendering Looks Awesome So It'll Clearly Not Happen

B-dowd put up on our Twitter feed the below image of a Ross-Ade South End Zone renovation concept done by a guy who goes by "CornfieldSailer" on the Knucklehead boards. (Interestingly, he had considered CornfieldSurfer but felt Midwest surfing was just too silly, but I digress.)

I love it. Let me just put that out there. Not just because it looks nifty, but because it's a viable solution. Filling in the corners with stadium-like seating and grandstands so that is matches the North end zone and creates a louder environment is, quite simply, never going to happen. Sure, sure, I know it's been proposed and discussed, but so was building a second deck on the East side. In the 2000-2004 era, that didn't sound crazy. Now, with barely 40,000 fans filing in each Saturday, it sounds positively ludicrous.

This solution remedies it and surely would cost less. Simply not having the heavy lifting and engineering challenges of building another deck onto an existing stadium must be an immediate cost-saver. Incorporating the bricks into the design ties the interior well to the tasteful exterior as well as to the rest of Purdue's campus. The tunnels look like train tunnels, which is positively awesome. While it would be fun to have the visitors come through something far less impressive, I understand the desire for the symmetry. Still, wouldn't it be great if Michigan had to walk, single-file, through a doorway while the Boilers came firing out of the tunnel?

As I said in the headline, this will never happen because it's far too cool of an idea. But what say you? Yay or nay on this?

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