NBA, NFL and baseball Boiler Updates (Monday Gumbo)

I tuned in for much of the fourth quarter of the Celtics hoping to see a glimpse of Smooge or JJ...and I got to see it! But what I saw was merely Moore on the bench following Rajon Rondo's spastic nonsensical pair of techs following a questionable call in the closing minute of the contest.

Much like Ron World War a week ago, not only was Rondo a bad actor in this stanza, but he lied after saying he didn't mean to run into the official.

Not only did he mean to, he put his chest out just before bumping the official for effect.  And whenever a professional athlete says they inadvertently ran into someone, our antennae should perk up.  These guys are the best athletes in the world...and are pretty coordinated as well. I'm a pretty average person, when it comes to coordination, and I hardly ever just run into someone when not pushed or throw elbows into someones neck accidentally.  Rondo isn't on the same level of maliciousness, obviously...but he's acted pretty dumb in the situation's wake by lying.

No need for Moore to wear a uni under his warm-up
thanks to Doc

The NBA stinks.  Guys like these remind me why I don't watch.  Sure, I like playoff basketball because they're actually trying...but even a shortened season didn't cause an increase in effort for most of the players. But now, the switch has been thrown; and guys like Rondo want to win so badly that they'll cause a 6-point swing in the other team's favor.  Well played, Einstein.

Back to the reason I tuned in- So, Allen's in streetclothes, Rondo gets tossed...Surely Doc will bring in Moore for a few seconds, right? Wrong.  Moore stays on the bench.  And when I checked the box score, I found that JJ isn't even on the roster for the Cs. Nice. Two of the five reasons I have for watching the NBA don't ever play...two others are about to retire, and another was on a team that was 24 games below .500.


While checking the boxscore of the Hawks/Celtics game, I also learned that Tracy McGrady was still playing in the league, as is Jerry Stackhouse...and both on the same roster!!!

In other Boiler-related news, Brian Cardinal registerred 0 minutes, but was still in the boxscore...and somehow was a -1.  I have no idea how that happened.

On to a better pro sport
The NFL draft didn't have a ton of action for former Boilers in the early rounds...and by not a ton, I mean no action.  But the late rounds landed a few big uglies in new gigs.

Dennis Kelly was picked 153rd, by the Eagles...and Nick Mondek went 195th to the Texans.  That's the first time two Purdue linemen were selected in the same draft since '07.

Outside of the draft, Siller gets a tryout from the Bears, Holland will take a shot at 49ers camp, Crank has been signed to a free agent contract with the Cardinals and Evans is talking to Miami and is close to a camp contract as well.  I'm still holding out hope that someone gives Keith Smith a shot.

The saddest story, not only for action around the draft, but in the last year as well, is Ken Plue.  Plue, who has more physical gifts than probably anyone to come out of Purdue in the last 5 or 6 years, wasn't on the roster last season due to off-field issues.  He started the previous two seasons...and his problems made the offensive line have to scramble with multiple position switches.  This off-season, he decided to forgo another shot at college football and throw his name into the draft.  As of now, he has no place where he'll be on a camp roster.  I expect that to change simply because of his massive size, strength and solid footwork...but character is still pretty important in much of the NFL.

Case in point: ex-IU receiver Demarlo Belcher- this very talented and good-sized receiver from IU was booted by Wilson at the end of the last season...he still doesn't have a camp contract.

Diamond Update
Purdue's Baseball Boilers hosted a series v. the second place MSU Spartans in West Lafayette and won the first two games...but, they were shutout in the final game of the weekend. That's the first time they've been shutout this season...Not a good thing.  But, they have a stranglehold on the B1G conference lead.  Next up, they'll travel to the Left Coast for a series v. the 28-12 UCLA Bruins, a top-10 NCAA team this season.

Draft picks up two of three Boilermakers

Ross-Ade South End Zone Rendering Looks Awesome So It'll Clearly Not Happen