Evil Genius?

I'll admit I'm not a big fan of Jim Delany...if you've been coming to the site for a while, you know that. But, I'll also admit when he does something right.

The creation of the BTN was brilliant...and he deserves credit for it. But, Delany has pissed me off time and time again with his consistent poo poo-ing of the idea of a playoff in football. He said it was tradition and academics that keeps a football playoff from becoming a reality...We all know those reasons weren't the story; it was about money. I don't fault Delany for steering the conference in a manner that makes it money, I talked about that earlier today. I don't like B.S...no, of course I'm not talking about the greatest website in all of the land.

But, some think that Delany is not only brilliant, but he's the best poker player ever and has a diabolical streak that would make Dr. Evil jealous.
I doubt Delany is as shrewd as Warren Buffett, as brilliant as Nikola Tesla or plays cards like "Jesus" Ferguson...but, if what Wetzel and others are saying is true, he's definitely one of the gods of the college sports world.

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