Football Jambalaya! The Divisional Round Edition

There is very little more enjoyable than watching those most-hated teams lose their sh-t completely. The Cowboys melted down in every way possible yesterday, no matter what you may hear from the team or their fans.

But before we get into the Jambalaya, let me just comment on TO and his crying. Sure, it's wonderful that he's defending his teammate with such passion and emotion... sure, it's good that a loss bothers him this much because it suggests he's less self-centered than he's always been. But I think it's something different... I think the dude is seriously unhinged and crying out for help.

Remember, this is a guy who couldn't get along with coaches like Andy Reid (a nice guy, it seems) or Bill Parcells (a guy universally respected as a winner). He also burned bridges with the city of Philadelphia and Donovan McNabb. He reportedly tried to frickin' committ suicide last year! He' always talking about how awesome he is and he has a famous quote: "I love me some me." Terrell is in trouble and his emotional breakdown is just one more piece of evidence. This guy is going to end tragically, I just know it. And that sucks.

Onto my meandering thoughts...

Hey, Dallas! How Does 0-6 Sound?

The Cowboys are 0-6 in their last six playoff games. Gosh, that's pretty awful. Tony Romo and Wade Phillips are a combined 0-6 in the playoffs. For their lives. Zero wins. And yet everyone was all up on the Cowboys' jocks this season and it was considered a foregone conclusion sometime in October that it would be Packers-Cowboys for the NFC and all those questions were out there about whether Brett Favre could win in Dallas since he never has before... oh well, guess it doesn't matter now.

I said last week that I thought the Giants would surprise people and I really was confident as the game went on and Eli Manning looked completely confident and didn't make any bonehead plays. None. He didn't have spectacular numbers but he threw two TDs and no picks and had a rating over 100. On the road. In the playoffs. Against the #1 seed. Now, I'm not like a lot of people who now have done a complete 180 on Manning and think he's "grown up" and is awesome. I still think what I've always thought. He's a solid quarterback who, with the right schemes and cast around him, can win you 10 games a year. He's not Peyton and he never will be. But if you ask him to work a game plan, he can do that and he's only going to get better. He's 26 years old, people. How long was Peyton considered a choker who couldn't win in the playoffs? Up until last year, right? As I've said, give Eli some time. He's showing now what he can do.

As for the Cowgirls, I think it's funny how badly Peter King seems to want to be Tony Romo's boyfriend. Earlier in the year, he said something about how Tony Romo "leads the league in smiles," and now he says this: "If you think that has anything to do with Romo taking 2 1/2 days in Mexico with his girlfriend, I feel sorry for you."

I like how it sounds like King is pissy that anyone might make mean comments about his main squeeze. It's kind of cute. I just hope Brett Favre doesn't find out you're cheating on him, Peter.

And yes, taking a Mexican vacation -- even if you get to receive sucky sucky from Jessica Simpson -- is kind of dumb during the playoffs. You know how people always say Peyton Manning is such a hard worker and works constantly to improve each and every little thing he can? And how Bill Belichick works day and night to the point where he has no life other than football? Do you notice how those guys -- and guys like them -- are the best at what they do? Yes, it is important and if people want to come down on Romo for not being at his best for whatever reason, they're entitled. Romo looked absolutely terrible in the fourth quarter and came completely unglued on those last couple of drives. He was screaming at refs and at his O-line, and he was just making poor decisions. Kind of an incredible meltdown to watch.

Eli Manning actually showing some emotion. But I'm more curious about the sassy chick in the do-me boots. I'm sure Amani was curious about her, too.

Clearly, Billy Volek Is A Secret Weapon

I am still shocked that the Chargers went into Indy and won. I was as wrong as I've ever been last week... in fact, this was the game I would say I was most sure of... even more than the Pats-Jags game. I didn't think there was any way the Colts could lose at home to a banged up Chargers team that squeaked by the Titans and looked happy to be there. Then LT gets hurt and is a cheerleader for the rest of the game... and, as much as I don't like Phil Rivers either, he actually did appear to grow up before our eyes. He made some impressive throws and handled the noise of the dome pretty well, all things considered. But then he couldn't play in the fourth quarter and somehow the Chargers still held on with Billy Volek -- who had thrown 10 passes this season -- manning the ship.

I have to comment on one thing Boilerdowd said in his earlier post about this game... I can't lay any of this at the feet of Peyton. He did all he could. He went 33 of 48 for 402 yards, with 3 TD passes and the two picks. But both interceptions were tipped by his own players and, truly, both should have been caught. The first one was admittedly a high pass but still was catchable. And the one on the five yard line was inexcuseable -- on the receiver's part (who was that anyway? Addai's backup?). No, I think Peyton played a very good game and his teammates let him down. Addai was ineffective, Harrison was rusty and there were too many tipped/dropped passes. The San Diego D was clearly up for this game and, as I said earlier, I think maybe the Colts were possibly guilty of thinking about a matchup with New England. Which, I admit, so was I... I've been thinking all year that the team that can take down the Pats is the Colts. And not because the Colts are just that amazing... it's because I think the Colts aren't afraid of the Pats, and that's kind of what it takes.

Alas, it's not to be this year and now the Chargers are going to limp into New England and most likely get smashed. But I'll be rooting like hell for them, despite not liking Rivers, LT, Merriman or Norv Turner.

Peyton does his best to make time go backwards so he can give it another shot...

Oooh! It Snowed! Brett Favre Looked Like A Football Angel!

Hey, thanks for showing up Seattle. Nice performance.

Okay, can we call a halt to all the broadcasters and journalists humping Brett Favre and his "legend"? I know he's great. I don't deny that. His numbers are incredible. He's an MVP, he's a hall of famer, he's a Super Bowl winner (though, can't we agree he should have won more than one?). But let's stop with all the, "Gosh, he's just a little kid...look at him throwing snowballs!" Good gracious. I've had enough of this.

Last year, Sports Illustrated publishes a preseason article fawning over Favre in a sickening way, so much so that I seriously wanted to contact SI and tell them they made me puke. I'll never forget the part of the article where he they said playing in the "tall August grass" that almost made it look like he had no shoes on, he "looked like Huck Funn." Shut up.

And then they make him their "Sportsman of the Year" this year. Why? Did he catch a prize-winning bass or something? His team went 13-3, yes, but there's this guy up in New England where, whether you like him or not, he just had the best season a quarterback could ever dream of having... a season you can barely have in Madden! In fact, Favre's numbers are less impressive than Tony Romo's! But that's neither here nor there. My point is, let's stop having overt manlove crushes on Brett Favre. Because the G-men are coming to town and, while I think the Pack will (and should) be favored, I truly believe the Giants can win. The Pack is not as good as a 13-3 team usually is... remember, they were terrible last year and, as a result, got a favorable schedule. Yes, they beat the teams on that schedule but they got beat soundly by the Cowboys and lost twice to the Bears. I don't know... I think the bodes well for this Giants team.

Wheee!! I'm such a kid, y'all!!

Patriots Inch Their Fans Closer To Indescribably Obnoxious Zone

I'll admit it. I've enjoyed the Patriots run. I had Tom Brady and Randy Moss on my fantasy team. I think it's fun to see awesome teams. And I like living in an era where the "best" whatever happens. McGwire, Bonds, etc... sure, those are tainted, but we lived through it and that's cool. We saw stuff happen. The same applies here.

And if it wasn't a Boston-based team with typical Boston fans, I'd be rooting for them to take it all the way. And if they were 15-1 I'd be fine with them smoking the Chargers like I think they will next weekend. But it's New England. And their obnixous fans. And hearing about how the the "Chahjuhs" don't have a chance, and how "Rivahs" sucks. Yeah, yeah.

The Pats are the best team we've seen in most of our lifetimes. They're incredible. Even on down nights, they have more than the other team. Teams have been able to hang with them for a half several times in recent weeks (like the Jags on Saturday) but nobody can sustain it. The only team that looked to truly have the Pats number was the Colts. That November game was amazing and it truly looked like the Pats just got hot for part of that game and that had there been a few more minutes, who knows what would have happened. My point is, the Colts really seemed to sustain it for the whole game and just came up short. And while I would have loved to see my Giants take down the 15-0 Pats in that last game of the season, I was actually okay with them going 16-0 (like I said, seeing history is cool) because I actually felt confident that the Colts would give them a game and quite possibly beat them... making the story that much better. I mean, how devastating would it be to go 16-0 and then lose? To your rival? Awesomeness.

But now we're left with hoping the Chargers or the Packers-Giants winner can derail the Pats and, honestly, I don't think any of them can even come close. The Giants already gave them their best shot. The Chargers are probably afraid of them after losing at home last year and getting punched in the mouth by the Patriots early this year. As for the Pack, I have no doubt Favre thinks he can beat them but that's the most dangerous thing for Pack fans... Favre is just what the Pats defense would want -- a guy willing to force things.

So now we wait and see... and all root collectively for, as Boilerdowd put it, anybody but the Pats.

I guess now I know what it's like for everyone who hates the Yankees.

Yeah, these guys won't be too obnoxious if the Pats continue to 19-0. I'm amazed Patriots fans can count that high, quite honestly.

Owens Video (in case you haven't seen it)

So long, dome, Dungy.