So long, dome, Dungy.

Sure, Phillip Rivers is a hot-headed buffoon...and Norv Turner whines and complains incessantly...but, the Chargers were the better team in Indianapolis on Sunday and deserved to win. While I think the Chargers have little chance of beating New England in Foxboro, I don't know if the Colts could have either, especially with all of the mistakes that reared their heads yesterday. Fumbles, interceptions, stupid penalties and the like seemed to stop the Colts momentum everytime they got close to putting the Chargers away. So why such an uncharacteristic performance? The heart wasn't there, in my opinion.

Harrison's fumble, Manning's two picks...bone-headed, avoidable mistakes did in a team that is usually disciplined and fundamentally sound.

It seems the philosophy of "Doing what we do" that Dungy has always preached simply wasn't evident. I think it's the end of the Dungy Era in Indianapolis. Hopefully he and his family are happy with where they land and that the right coach takes over and allows them to continue to play at a high-level in coming seasons...The city and the organization needs it as the partially-tax-funded Lucas Oil Stadium opens in August. Granted, there has been no official announcement about Dungy's future in Indy, but it seems evident that a change is imminent.

Go Pack, Go Giants, Go Chargers...Anybody but the Patriots. I'd like to see Favre win one last championship and hang it up. That said, looks to me like the Patriots are set to be World Champs for the fourth time in seven seasons...a dynastic accomplishment no doubt.

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