Hannnng on Boobies, Sideboobies Hang On

The S-Boobs are back for another week. And today, I guess, is officially a year since we began this humble little feature. Along the way, it's been the cause of plenty of Friday happiness in the workplace, sneers from wives, and insults slung from sanctimonious, hypocritial writers of other sites.

Nothing else to say. So enjoy.

Is she in a jungle? Or is this outside her home (note the siding)? Maybe she's on Lost and this is in one of the villages on the supposed "deserted" island.

Stop looking so serious. You're a blonde bimbo who goes to frickin' Florida. Don't take yourself so seriously.

I'm not sure this is a safe place to be getting a tan. Sure, it's California, and nobody cares about much out there, but this seems like a place where you could get run over -- or impregnated -- by a USC quarterback.

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