Marve-lous T-Shirts from Boiled Sports

You know you want one. For the first time, we're selling T-shirts (in the past, we've given them away, which, strangely, seemed to affect our profit margin -- whatever; we weren't economy majors). And, just in case you're wondering, we're only selling them for enough to be able to cover our costs and create the next BS t-shirt.

So in honor of the start of football season and the arrival on the field of Robert Marve, for just $16 (including shipping to the US, for a limited time only) you can have the following shirt.



Men's and women's sizes available. Note: the women's ones run very snugly. So if you're a petite college girl, go for it -- and feel free to post a pic on the BS Facebook page. But just be aware of this sizing.

Pictures of the shirts in action... ladies first:

And the manly version, looks basically the same:

Get 'em on eBay here. Order yours today!

Seriously, $16 TOTAL and it's on its way to you. Try to find a deal like that in campus bookstores. Or any stores, for that matter. These are high-quality shirts, too. Trust us... have we ever lied to you?

These don't count

Now we know the answer