Texas A&M Will Fit Right In -- They're Already Cheering For Other SEC Teams

Regular readers know how much we kind of loathe the SEC's brain-dead fans who rub it in your face when LSU wins a national title... or when Alabama does...or when Auburn does. Even when they're, like, a Georgia or Tennessee fan or something. As I noted to the site Saturday Down South via Twitter the other night, it's easy to have "southern pride," as they call it, when you have a dozen favorite teams. As I've often noted, this is no different than me rooting for the entire American League East. It makes no sense and makes you look like the opposite of an intense fans -- it makes you look like a stooge in a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial.

When Texas A&M moved to the conference, I actually did think that they were a good addition in terms of intense/insane fandom. If you're not familiar with Aggie fans, people in Texas refer to them as "insane." We all like to believe we're loyal to our schools, but A&M alums are truly nuts about their fanaticism. And if you're putting college football destinations on your bucket list, I highly recommend you put College Station near the top.

All that said.... the Aggies joined the SEC this week and put out the below ridiculous "welcome" video, wherein A&M student do the cheers of the other SEC teams. What....the....F?

After the jump, see a lame attempt at... I don't know....conference spirit?

Hey, remember when Nebraska joined the Big Ten and put up a video doing all the cheers of the other Big Ten teams? Oh, wait, no, neither do I. Because they came here because it's a great conference but, make no mistake, they wanted to paste all of us.

Aggie students and 12th man members, I'm disappointed in you. You're on film doing the cheers of other teams. Wearing A&M gear, no less. That's weak. 

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