Thursday Golfing Fun

They say Torrey Pines isn't that hard in its current condition...Yeah, looks very easy

One of the biggest advantages of being self-employed is being able to watch afternoon sporting events from your desk. My favorite event of this type, is of course the NCAA tourney, but I really like watching the PGA majors as well. I'm stoked as I get ready to watch the US Open in about 15 minutes. So, who's my pick?

Well, I think Tiger's knee recovery is going to bother him quite a bit as the tourney wears on. So, I'm not picking him. I'm not a fan of FIGJAM (Lefty Manboobieson), so I'm not picking him. I'm going with Jim Furyk and his whomp-jacked swing or Adam Scott. Sure, I'll be wrong, sure, none of you care about golf...but as a guy that holds 33% of this fantastic site, this is what I've chosen to write about.

Purdue-related Stuff You Can Buy to Aggravate Your Spouse

And then there was one... (CMigrator copy 1)