Purdue-related Stuff You Can Buy to Aggravate Your Spouse

If you ever pay attention to the drivel on the right column of this site, you've seen we link you to Asgard Press' Purdue-themed calendars. They're a lovely product and we recommend them highly (we also recommend half-hour dumps, looking at boobs from behind sunglasses and vodka, so take that as you may).

Our buddy over as Asgard, Robert, emailed us to tell us about another offering that you Purdue-lovers might be interested. It's a nifty vintage college football note card set -- you know, for all that old-fashioned letter correspondance we all do these days. No, seriously, they look pretty cool and would indeed be a nice addition to someone's desk. You know, those burled walnut, 500 pound desks that we all have in our luxury-appointed, law-office-looking offices we pen this here Website from.

Go on over and take a look. Makes a great gift!

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