Annika Sorenstam Kisses Golf Goodbye

Annika Sorenstam quietly stepped away from golf a week or so ago, deciding she'd had enough and wanted to move on to other things in her life at the age of 38.

Annika always seemed classy and sweet, not to mention easy on the eyes... while also being head-and-shoulders better than everyone else in her sport.

She's reportedly made more than $20 million playing golf and many millions more in endorsements. And she's got great parents who supported her instead of pushing her and forcing her to play golf incessantly. Like the complete opposite of oh, say, Michelle Wie's situation.

Annika once shot a 59 and once played with the men at the 2003 Colonial. (Which prompted one of my favorite Phil Mickelson lines ever: during a press conference when asked about her chances, he thoughtfully said she had the chance to do better than people thought and could possibly finish, "maybe 20th." He was then immediately asked where he thought he might finish and he said, "Well, I hope higher than 20th.")

I love golf and while I don't really watch ladies golf, I do think Annika was always a terrific representative for the sport and I always think it's awesome when we see the best ever at a particular sport. And I think she was just that for womens' golf.

But mainly, I just wanted to post that picture.

That's how you play Duke at home.

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