Former Boiler News: Carl Landry

We're always proud of our former Boilers and we also always loved Carly Landry, a good soldier who was rewarded with a trip to the tourney in his senior year.

Last night, Carl was a bad, bad boy for the Houston Rockets in their first preseason game of the season, leading the team with 18 points and 9 boards.

I know none of us care about the NBA preseason, and really don't care much about the NBA until the playoffs (just like the players!), but I thought this was kind of cool.

Carl caught on with the Rockets and was completely unheralded out of Purdue and was a bench guy who became a quality bench guy and is now looking good enough to maybe start some games.

Of course, then I go and look and see Carl's slated to make $3,000,000 this season and I feel a little less like he's the "little guy now getting noticed." Because, frankly, I'd be satisfied with no fame and all blame for every loss for $3M clams.

No, I don't know what my point was here.

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