Big Ten Roundtable -- Jeopardy Edition

This week’s roundtable is being hosted by The Only Game That Matters, and they’ve decided to mix things up a bit. I’ll let Beauford Bixel explain:

In an effort to switch things up combined with a weird obsession with Jeopardy, I've decided that this week I'm going to write the answers -- you guys write the questions. The questions can be one-liners, paragraphs, whatever. The goal is to be as funny as you can, and I expect pot-shots taken at various teams and bloggers whether warranted or not (Call me a dumbass for these roundtables, and you might just make the side-bar). Let's get a little life back into these things.

Aaaaaand if it crashes and burns, who cares?

Let me first say that as much of a prick as I can be and as much as I’d love to call him a dumbass, this is a great idea – not just revolving hosts, but also revolving formats. Good idea.

On to the "answers" (from TOGTM) and the "questions" (from us):

1) Jay Paterno and the Spread HD

What does JoPa think his son does with a stripper whose name is Happy Destiny?

2) Joe Tiller's Mustache

What is the only thing remaining from Joe Tiller’s initial success at Purdue?

3) The Color Purple

How would I describe the head of my penis?

4) Brains

What does JoPa like to “hang” when he wants to get a laugh from the team?

5) Hawkeye State

Who does Adam Jacobi of BHGP give a roman helmet to after every Iowa victory?

6) Rudy

What Notre Dame player of lore was also known by the nickname pegboy?

7) Knee Ligaments

What one part of Terrell Pryor’s game would we like to take away on Saturday to improve Purdue’s chances?

8) Terrell Pryor

What standout freshman was recruited and coached at OSU in the same honest, non-cheating fashion as Maurice Clarett?

9) Mark May

What black college football analyst really thinks he’s white?

10) Rich Rodriguez

Who fooled Michigan?

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