Mail call!

It's mailbag time here at BS. Just wanted to share a couple because they're awesome.

First up, Matt from Des Moines, Iowa checks in (good to see they have Internet in Iowa now).

I'm an '07 grad living and working in Des Moines. Being continuously surrounded by iowa fans makes me feel like each day I'm reliving the scene from 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" where the Jones boys sneak into the Nazi rally and Sr. says to Jr. "We're strangers in an unholy land."

Seriously, one of the most unknown things about the Big Ten is how freaking arrogant and aggressive most iowa fans are. They are constantly out to put down anyone from any other school. They act like they have this amazing football team, when really they have Kirk Ferentz getting paid millions of dollars to manage a work-release program for the local jail. I can't stand it.

Charlie Weis eats babies. Go Boilers!

You're right, I never really thought about that. It's cute that Iowa fans think their team is good. It's also telling that nobody outside of Iowa is aware of this and the reason, of course, is that everyone outside of Iowa realizes Iowa isn't a football powerhouse. Oh, and Matt, Charlie Weis eats babies? Seriously? Come on, everyone knows... Charlie Weis eats everything.

Next up is Kristin who writes:

Please tell me someone somewhere has called for the end of the "Shout" tradition between the 3rd and 4th quarters. You know, the time when very rarely is there anything to shout about? Just offering that up as a topic of discussion. I literally leave the stands every game near the end of the third just so I don't have to endure the horror that is "Shout". Maybe no one else is quite as passionate about it. But while we are talking change I can hope for it's demise.

So we're not the only ones complaining about Shout. Hear that, Ross-Ade music people?

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