BS Capsule Previews: The Rest of 'Em

Hey, remember when I said we were gonna preview each Big Ten team? Well, we're no where near as thorough as other sites and a shiny object caught our attention after we got through with IU, Michigan and Illinois. Plus, you commenters didn't have much to say on those, either, so why keep putting you through them?

So let's reduce the capsules to... capsulettes? Yeah, something like that.

To recap:

IU -- Best case: 7-5; Worst case: 0-12; BS Prediction: 3-9. The Hoosiers are terrible and Bill Lynch is coaching for his job.

Michigan -- Best case: 8-4; Worst case: 3-9; BS Prediction: 5-7. Rich Rodriguez' job isn't getting easier and those who are talking about a potential 10-win season are dreaming, in our opinion.

Illinois -- Best case: 8-4; Worst case: 3-9; BS Prediction: 6-6. Zook has this program headed in the right direction and the more I think about it, that 6-6 seems tame. But looking at the tough schedule, I think 6-6 is a good year, actually, for this team.

Now for the ones we hadn't yet discussed:

Iowa -- Best case: 10-2; Worst case: 6-6; BS Prediction: 8-4. The Hawkeyes are a trendy top 25 pick right now. Maybe because they knocked off PSU last year? They have a schedule where if they go less than 8-4, Ferentz should be Ferentzed the hell out of the state.

Michigan State -- Best case: 12-0; Worst case: 7-5; BS Prediction: 10-2. MSU is going to be good. Really good. Barring John L. Smith flashbacks, this program is headed in the right direction. Toughest (and only significantly tough) game on the schedule is PSU, at home.

Minnesota -- Best case: 8-4; Worst case: 1-11; BS Prediction: 4-8. I know they started 7-1 last year. They're not good, though. And they have a fairly challenging schedule, made more challenging by the fact that they're not very good.

Northwestern -- Best case: 9-3; Worst case: 4-8; BS Prediction: 8-4. Another paper tiger. They'll win the games they should and they'll lose the games they should. Believe me, we know this kind of team when we see one. It's a Tiller Special, circa 2005-2008.

Ohio State -- Best case: 11-1; Worst case: 9-3; BS Prediction: 10-2. Get ready to hear all year about how OSU, despite being in the Top Ten, is a symbol of why the Big Ten sucks. I don't get it, either, and I really detest "defending" a team like OSU, but sometimes I feel like I have to living in Big 12 country. They'll be what they always are... well-paid, well-coached players.

Penn State -- Best case: 12-0; Worst case: 8-4; BS Prediction: 10-2. A fanbase who is quickly going from most-tolerated by us to midpack. Yes, your "white out" is quite impressive. No, you did NOT invent the "white out" concept. Deal with it.

Wisconsin -- Best case: 11-1; Worst case: 5-7; BS Prediction: 8-4. Brett Beliema is (or should be) coaching for his job. This is a program on the downswing. 2009 is a big year for them.

Feel free to chime in. Or feel free to point out how wrong we were at the end of the season and point and laugh and laugh.

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