Progressive Europeans

The perception that Europe is socially ahead of the United States has always befuddled me- If you have worked for a European company, with Europeans, you know what I know- That Europe has its share of backwards buffoons just as America is. But, one thing I think America is waaaay ahead on is issues pertaining to race. It could be because most Americans have been exposed to a lot of people of different races and we all simply don't look alike. Look at the US Olympic team for proof- Asian, African, Slavic, Latino descendants are common on this roster.

No matter where you're from in America, you're eventually going to be in the position where someone of another race is your school or work. Regardless, we still have a long way to go in the simple fact that race is still an issue at all. Heck, I have a very good friend who told me he is going to vote for Obama simply because he is black (isn't that racism?). If that's all it took to get the left on board, J.C. Watts or Alan Keyes should be the next President...and they're actually qualified. No matter.

The same continent that brought you death threats and a constant reminder of how ugly "the beautiful game" can be, now comes the hilarity of facial gestures from the Spaniard basketball team while in China. Part of what Gasol says is right- people take things too seriously...But the fact that he and his teammates saw nothing wrong with what they were doing is ignorant...and can you imagine an entire roster of Americans doing something similar? Me neither.
It's kind of like me saying that all Euros don't shower...See, that stereotype simply is not the rule...with the exception for a few unkempt individuals that ruin it for the rest of them, much of Europe practices very good hygiene.

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