Thursday Gumbo (CMigrator copy 1)

Alright, I like football...I like sports played in a tough manner...but what we're watching in the NBA is absurd. Or should I say, what others are watching in the NBA is absurd.

I'll watch highlights...but don't like the pro game for a lot of reasons. Most recently, the fact that it's not even resembling basketball makes my disdain for the league even greater.

By the way Pistons fan, how's that Billups trade working out for you guys?

Hoping for more depth
Coach Hope added another JuCo recever who will play next fall. Cortez Smith joins fellow JuCo-er Keith Carlos in this under-experienced wide receiving corps. Unlike Carlos, Smith will play on the outside probably. Look for he and Xavier Reese to help Valentin out at flanker. In my opinion, of the receivers that are newcomers, Eric Williams and Keith Carlos have the greatest potential to make the most noise in the fall...but that's just a guess. And, it sounds like Carlos might not even make it on campus; we'll probably know more in the next month or so.

It's pronounced SOHN-dee marsh-us
Incoming Frosh PF/C, Sandi Marcius will be a big help next year. While he's a bit of a wild card in the simple fact that he's not known too well amongst college recruiting sources due to the fact that he's only been in America about a year, he seems to be a pretty good gamble. Here are a couple of notworthy tidbits about Marcius.

-He'll be the largest player on Purdue's roster next season at probably 245 when the season begins. Chris Reid was 251. And while he has a significant amount of mass, his footwork seems very good for a guy of his size.

Tell me five minutes of a player of his size/strength wouldn't have helped v. UConn...

-According to one source, Marcius has grown about 5.5 inches in the last two years...this tells me his upside is pretty sizeable and reminds me a bit of Brad Miller out of high school...with an extra 30 lbs. or so.

-Marcius is 6'9" or 6'10", depending on your source.


IU's Lewis Out