So it appears this whole swine flu thing is getting kind of serious.

I currently live in Texas and the first death that occurred as a result of swing flu in the U.S. happened here yesterday. Granted, it was a Mexican kid brought here for our quality hospitals (apparently, not quality enough) and so it's not like he caught it here, it's still making people awfully nervous.

As USA Today tells us, all sports activities at public schools -- in all of Texas -- are being postponed until at least May 11.

I guess they figure by then things will either be all under control or we'll be living in a mall. Those of us left, anyway. I hope the Orange Julius is stocked.

(Oh, wait, maybe malls won't be so good, after all...)

I'm not going to give a ton of time to this, but...

Thursday Gumbo (CMigrator copy 1)