2010 Purdue Football: Game 2

As part of the BS football season preview at the end of August, we'd like the readers of BS to weigh in on the Boilermakers' chances in each of their games. Today, we discuss game 2.

There will be a distinct feeling to the season as the Boilers head into their second game on September 11 against Western Illinois. If the Boilers have pulled out a win in South Bend, there will be an air of optimism and excitement, to be sure. If they do what they always do in SB, it might be a bit more dour.

What better way to cure what ails your football team than by facing an FCS school that went 1-11 last year?

If the Boilers don't win this game by 30, there's something seriously wrong and we might as well pack it in. Seriously, this isn't blustery talk -- WIU should not present a challenge.

Just click on the Boilermakers as the winner and let's move along. Comment if you must.

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