Insightful Emmitt

After Monday night football last night, Sportscenter went immediately back to the Superdome where they had a crack team of clowns onsite to break down the Saints third straight loss to open the season.

They showed some of the early highlights and Emmitt Smith decided that faking a handoff to Reggie Bush during a kick return and other such modes of deception were "gimmick plays." Now, never mind that faking a handoff on a play from scrimmage is simply considered "play-action," it's what Emmitt said next that I particularly enjoyed:

"I don't like gimmick plays because when they don't work, they're just a wasted play."

Right. As opposed to when you run a traditional, smash-mouth draw play that doesn't work. When that happens, your team is awarded three points because your play was "non-gimmick" and thus, not wasteful.


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