More Awesome Cowboy Reaction

First of all, I loved -- loved loved loved -- that this jackass came down to the sideline in the final minutes of the game to clap like a special ed student alongside his head coach. No pressure there, boys. Just the millionaire owner among you who pays all of your salaries and expects a Super Bowl, like, now. And then the game ends on the McQuarters interception and the whole team vacates the sidelines to respectfully congratulate the Giants and there's Jones standing there stone-faced and, to be sure, pissed.

I especially liked the report that Jerry Jones provided his players not only with the tickets to give their friends and families for this game, but he also provided them with two tickets each to next weekend's NFC title game. Nicely done, Jerry. (Of course, to be fair, this is probably typical. Fans have to buy tickets in advance for playoff games that might not be played -- in all sports -- and then get refunded for them. Still, it's kinda funny.)

I also love the arrogance that was out there leading into this game.... and to read the cockiness is just, well, wonderful.

I went to Deadspin to see some of the Cowboy blogs this morning and it's just more awesomeness.

This one feels the Cowboys "gave" the game to the Giants in every way possible. I'm not sure about that, but whatever you guys want to believe. "This offseason is going to be more unbearable than last year." Yeah, for your fat coach, too.

But I think my favorite knee-jerk reaction from idiot Cowboys fans came from the Cowboy Roundup. The article is a dead link now, but according to D-spin, the quote was as follows:

"Dallas couldn't get it done with seconds left on the clock. Perhaps Romo isn't the guy for the Cowboys ... It may be time to get Brady Quinn in here."

I don't know how to express how much I love this. I want to kiss this guy. Maybe even on the mouth. He's just so perfect to demonstrate knee-jerk idiocy of a city that has nothing else to live for besides their overrated football team.

Yes. Please please please... Dallas, start convincing yourselves that Brady Quinn is the answer and Tony Romo should be cast aside after one full season starting in the NFL. Indeed. Brady freaking Quinn! How stupendously wonderful would it be to see Brady Quinn stumbling around in the Cowboys backfield as they open their new stadium 3-13 and Jerry Jones fires three coaches in one season?

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