Maybe Charlie Weis' Jokes Are Only Understood By Other Geniuses

Last Friday, the atrocious "Mike and Mike in the Morning" duo was "roasted" at a club in Atlantic City, NJ. They have been on the air for, depressingly, eight years now and show no signs of stopping despite being seventeen shades of awful.

However, among the horrid roast stories detailed in this article from the AC Press (and, really, what have these clowns done to deserve a roast?), my favorite is one about Charlie Weis.

Apparently, Fat Charlie showed up as a roaster and, evidently, either doesn't understand what a roast is or is too damn brilliant a comedian for people to understand. He is a genuis, after all. From the story:

But there were more bombs than success stories. Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis rambled for what seemed like forever, praising the duo and missing the whole point of the night. (Host Jeffrey) Ross summed it up best: "Thank you for that great sermon."

Can't you just picture the big, fat, arrogant prick getting up there to say some nice things because actually roasting them would be a little too much like what everyone else is doing and, you know, Chuck thinks outside the box. The Dunkin Donut box, that is.

In actuality, he was probably dreading being made fun of for his impressive tenure as ND's coach.

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