And then there was one...

If you're a regular patron to this extremely-highly-visited blogsite, you're probably very used to either reading J Money's never-short, always-entertaining rants and insights (or scrolling past them to read mine...thanks Mom). Well, big J is currently frolicking on his honeymoon with his new bride, so he's unavailable for a bit.

It's a big summer here at Boiled Sports...Two of the three highly-paid staffers are getting hitched, the next is to be wed on 7-7-07...much like Eva & Tony's ceremony, we're keeping the location top secret (Igeon-Pay Orge-Fay).

Congrats, gentlemen...Ladies, I feel as sorry for you as I do for Mrs. Boilerdowd.

J & Tim enjoy one last moment together before giving into the establishment.

Cardboard Ferrari aims to cutout emissions. No really cardboard.

I had a landlord like this once...